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Writing Task

WM16 Contraption illustration

Rumour has it that Word Mania began when the scheming Pirate Penguins of LIteracyPlanet built a complex contraption to generate the longest English word possible. Impatient, they added an unpredictable booster potion and letter tiles erupted everywhere. The inhabitants of LiteracyPlanet then had to set about cleaning up, which they did by creating words as fast as possible, to feed to a ravenous Word Monster...

Use the history of Word Mania as inspiration for a short story. At the end of Word Mania 2018 a winning story will be chosen to be adapted into an educational game for the LiteracyPlanet program. If your students would like the opportunity to see their writing brought to life as a digital game for their classmates and students around the world to enjoy, send us their stories!  

Submissions should be emailed to with the student’s name, year level and school. Maximum length is 500 words. Files should be no bigger than 5MB.

Short Video

Create a short video showing the fun and excitement of Word Mania at your school and it could be part of our LiteracyPlanet Word Mania 2018 highlight reel or even end up on television! Students can flex their creative film-making skills, and include graphics, digital animation, stop-motion animation, time-lapse, or create a video story.

Last year school videos were featured in our Word Mania highlight reel and a story celebrating the winners on the Channel Nine TODAY show.

Videos should be sent to with school and teacher contact details. Maximum length is two minutes. Larger files can be sent via a file sharing service such as


Word Mania 2018 Poster


Bring LiteracyPlanet Word Mania to life in art class using the Word Mania poster template. Students can use any art or craft medium such as pencils, ink, paints, pastels or collage. Masterpieces will be showcased on the LiteracyPlanet Facebook page and website.

Email a high resolution photograph or scan of any finished poster to with the student’s name, year level and school. Files should be no bigger than 5MB.

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