Tips & Tricks

  • Longer and more complex words earn more points.
  • Add prefixes and suffixes to a base word for more points.
  • Increase your score multiplier by building words quickly in consecutive order and using special Gold and Diamond letter tiles.
  • Try not to pause or stop: your multiplier will drop.
WM16 HeroWordMonster
  • If you ‘Mark’ an invalid word, your multiplier will reset to zero.
  • When you build valid words and increase your multiplier five times in a row, you get a Gold tile and your multiplier increases to x10.
  • For every fifth time you earn a Gold tile, you will instead get a Diamond tile and your multiplier will increase to x20.
  • Build a word with your Gold or Diamond tiles to earn bonus points. They can only be used once and be quick. If you are too slow to build your word, your special tile could disappear.

Earn cool badges

  • More than 20 cool badges to earn, for playing many games, using special tiles, playing against Word Buddies, and high scores.
Pirate Penguin

Play against Word Buddies

  • Use the Word Buddy feature to play against a friend! Click on ‘Challenge a Friend’, send Word Buddy requests to classmates to build your Word Buddy list. Choose a friend to challenge by clicking on ‘Challenge a Word Buddy’.
  • See all your challenge results under ‘Challenges’. Think you can do better? Rematch!

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